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Rental Properties


Whether you own a few rental properties or manage hundreds of properties for many owners, we understand the maintenance challenges you face. We can help. We offer a full range of home repair services, from fixing an annoying leak all the way to refurbishing a home for the next tenant. In addition, we've built our service delivery around your needs, and those of your property owners and tenants:


Free detailed work estimates

Property owners know upfront what will be done and what it will cost before authorizing the work. We provide free, detailed work estimates, and include pictures if required. We don't low ball the estimate, then jack up the price after we start working. Price quotes are valid for 90 days.


Cost control

We'll work with you to help you control your maintenance costs. On small repair jobs with no estimate, we'll notify you before we start if we think the cost will exceed your pre set limit, and wait for your approval. We'll source replacement fixtures priced within your budget. We'll advise you whether a fixture (such as a toilet) can be rebuilt less expensively than replaced.


Photo documentation

If requested, we will provide photos showing the work we performed, so you can show the property owner the work was completed satisfactorily.


Satisfaction guaranteed

We stand behind our work with a 1 year transferrable warranty.


Our work meets or exceeds code

Always important, but especially when renting out homes.


We clean up after ourselves!

Your tenants won't call complaining we left a mess. (Actually, more than once we've been "accused" of leaving the work area cleaner than we found it.) On multi-day jobs, we tidy up before leaving each day, and always do a complete clean up at project end. Of course we haul off all job debris.


Quick response

One reason many people rent instead of buying is to avoid the headaches of maintaining a home. But tenants expect a quick response when problems do arise. We'll work with you and your tenant to get onsite quickly and fix the problem.


Flexible scheduling

We realize many tenants find it difficult to schedule time off work to meet us at their home. We can work with your tenant to schedule our visit around their schedule.


Centrally managed dispatch

It's easy to reach us, just call. We have a full-time in-office dispatcher to answer questions, schedule estimates and service calls, update you on a job's status, and convey new job information to our onsite technicians.


Latest technology

Our service technicians all have smart phones and tablets, giving them ready access to our cloud-based job scheduling system. In addition to details about the job, the job record includes attachments such as photos showing the work to be done, enabling our service technicians to arrive prepared. Any updates or additions to the job record are immediately available to our service technicians, so they are always up-to-date on what needs to be done and when.


We'd love to meet you!

We'd be delighted for the opportunity to get together, introduce ourselves, and understand from you your property maintenance needs. A quick call is all it takes. We look forward to meeting you!




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